From Months of rain to months of sunshine ...

At the same time as we have all experienced many changes due to the pandemic, our gardens have also been suffering extremes of weather. From the seeming ever-present rainfall during autumn 2019 and early spring 2020, ever since the lockdown on 23rd March until early June we have had only a very occasional spattering of rain. We have also enjoyed record sunshine levels.

Given these unusual conditions, your green space may need some extra help. Lawns are most likely to have suffered. Parched conditions make it difficult for new seed to germinate and flourish. Try preparing the ground and wait to scatter lawn seed just before rain is due. The difference between rainwater and normal tapwater is astonishing. This also applies to all plants which seem to thrive best after rainfall – better than the best fertiliser! For established lawns, any top-up feed and weedkiller is again best applied just before rain. Don’t cut too short in periods of drought.

Elsewhere in the garden:

  • Keep sowing vegetable seeds for a succession of late crops. Alternatively, buy a few vegetable plants each fortnight to keep your patch providing healthy results well into the autumn.
  • Dead head and feed bedding plants to keep them at their colourful best.
  • Regularly check roses for pests and mildew. If you don’t object to spraying, Roseclear will sort out both.

David Hogg

Buckland Nurseries

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