Reflections on the lockdown

So much has changed, but plants continue to thrill

Many people have said how much solace has been found in the garden during these difficult times. Maybe one positive of the pandemic was the timing at the beginning of spring – the most exciting time of renewal for gardeners. The weather during the lockdown was exceptional, which certainly helped to lift the spirits !

At the garden centre we felt the frustration of all at not being able to buy and sell compost, perennials and bedding plants. Now that we are open again, it’s great to be back enjoying seeing the community again. Thank you to everyone for your support, kind words, patience and for respecting the new distancing rules. We hope in a small way we are helping to provide a sense of normality to our changed lives. Suppliers are now catching up after increased demand in May and June, so stocks will be plentiful in the summer and autumn.

I believe the renewed interest in gardening will be more than a blip. Many have rediscovered the joy of their green space, and the therapeutic benefits of nurturing plants. Judging by the number of vegetable plants and seeds sold there will be plenty of home-grown local produce this year !

Take care.


Buckland Nurseries

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