Experience the joy of trees

If you are fortunate enough to live in a rural area, you will no doubt appreciate the beauty that trees bring to our local landscape. From the first bud burst to leaf fall in late autumn, they will variously provide a haven for birds and wildlife, blossom in spring and fiery hues as leaves change colour. They are also a natural windbreak and a good sound and visual barrier.

As I mentioned last month, plant now for best results. For a patio garden, consider a Prunus Amanogawa. It’s a compact columnar flowering cherry with semi-double pale pink blossom and excellent autumn foliage colour. A dwarf fruit tree will also happily grow in a pot. Plums and apples are reliable, cherries are often enjoyed by the birds just as they ripen, so beware !

In larger gardens, there is a multitude of choice. Graceful Betula (silver birch) is ever-popular with its delicate rustling leaves. There are a number of varieties of Rowan and Mountain Ash in the Sorbus family. Red, white, pink or yellow berries are followed by a rainbow of autumn colour leaf alternatives. Bold Acers (maple) such as Platanoides Crimson King will majestically fill an enormous space. Unlike its dwarf namesake, its giant leaves will soon fill your compost bin at leaf fall.

On the subject of trees, the festive season is fast approaching and Christmas trees will be available towards the end of November. Cut trees will last well if a centimetre of trunk is cut off the base and they are kept in water. Keep outside in all weathers – the wetter, frostier and colder the better – and bring inside when required. Pot-grown trees will thrive until next year if they are kept well watered and away from direct sources of heat whilst in the home.

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Buckland Nurseries

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