With Christmas fast approaching, bring some festive cheer into the home with wreaths and garlands. These are so easy to make, and are freshest when made from assorted foliage and berries from the garden. Almost any greenery can be wired together to make a unique decoration. A basic wire or oasis foam frame can be useful for wreath making, or even a circle of twigs, whereas a tough length of ivy will suffice as a basis for a rustic garland or swag. Hellebore (Christmas rose) will give a perfect finishing touch.

In the garden, any remaining leaves can be mown up if the grass is dry. This will mulch them down and speed up the composting process – especially useful for oak leafs which tend to be the last to fall and can be stubborn composters !

Keep paths clear and clean, to avoid them becoming slippery. Finish clearing beds and borders, but try to leave a few piles of twigs and leaves as a winter haven for wildlife. Especially in harsh weather, provide seeds and nuts for the birds, and clean and top up bird baths regularly.

It’s a good idea to clear out and wash down greenhouses and pots, and always allow fresh air to pass though a few times a week to reduce the risk of fungal diseases, if only for a few minutes.

Make the most of any bright and frost-free days. Being outside can be so productive in the garden and it is always good for raising the spirits. Nobody ever feels low after a spot of gardening !

David Hogg

Buckland Nurseries

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