Special Gardeners deserve special gifts

After so many years selling flowers and plants at Christmas (nearly 50 years – I started young in the family business!) , I can hardly think of a time when anyone has expressed disappointment at receiving a gift for the garden or plant for the home. From our florists in Sutton we delivered many hundreds of bouquets and arrangements each Christmas for over 140 years, and we were members of Interflora for over 80 years. Since 2010 our own Christmas focus has switched to Christmas trees and associated garden gifts at Buckland. Just as it was a pleasure to see the joy that flowers brought to many, it's now hard not to be moved by the excitement of young and old at buying a tree. It’s a tradition that many families will choose to pick together, with all the consequent disagreements!

So what about special gifts ?

  • Give the gift of time. Who could not benefit from a few hours of work in their garden from a relative or friend ? At no cost but with so much thought.
  • How about a mini-meadow ? A pack of assorted wildflower seeds to provide nectar and pollen to attract bees, butterflies and beneficial insects. It’s an ideal present for a child as it requires little aftercare and teaches the importance of bio-diversity in gardening.
  • A simple bird feeder will attract many different types of garden birds depending on whether you choose one for peanuts, seed, nyger seed, fat balls or mealworms.
  • An amaryllis bulb will always impress with its tall bold flowers. Likewise, a grow-your-own herb seed mantelpiece set could be ideal as a stocking filler. Mushroom kits are also very popular – and very easy as well.

Soon daylight hours will lengthen and the gardening year starts anew.

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