Buckland in Bloom (May Garden Notes)

If you need further inspiration to keep your garden pristine over the summer months, then Buckland’s entry into the “Villages in Bloom” competition this year will give you added incentive.

Although judging will not take place until Thursday 11th July, preparations are well under way with the Parish Council to give Buckland the best chance of success. Full details are available on the Buckland village website, together with contact information if you are able to spare some time to help.

The village will be assessed on its achievements in 3 main categories:

  • Horticultural Excellence
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Community Participation

Please let the Parish Council know of ways in which Buckland excels in these areas. With regards to making “your space” extra special, please consider making your front garden in particular tidy and floral in the run-up to the big day. A few well-placed bedding plants and/or hanging baskets will make all the difference, as will mowing the lawn a couple of days before judgement day. Being seen to have made a big effort will greatly help the cause !

Gardening can sometimes feel daunting – even overwhelming in the busy days of spring when all plants seem so demanding of watering and feeding. Time to sit down and enjoy Gardeners’ World. Although I know I am biased as I love gardening for pleasure as well as work, I find it full of useful ideas and tips for all sizes and garden conditions. It is also presented in a relaxed and non-hectoring style which appeals to both experienced and novice gardeners. If you are not fortunate enough to go to the Chelsea Flower Show between 21st and 25th May, enjoy the daily television coverage which will inform and entertain in equal measure.

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