January Garden Notes

Welcome to 2019 ! As in many walks of life, a new year deserves a new look at trends and fashions in gardening and horticulture.

Caring for the environment has always been inextricably linked to home gardening. Gardeners are already aware of the benefits of well-used green spaces, but implications for wildlife and energy saving will become even more important in the future. Water-saving devices and drought-resistant planting will be actively encouraged and embraced. If you are concerned about watering in the summer, perennials will be easier for you than the more thirsty bedding plants. Ever-popular lavender will look after itself in the hottest weather – and provide a sea of colour.

Recycling has become a huge issue in horticulture. Packaging is becoming more recyclable, with producers recognising consumer demand for compostable pots and reusable plastic waste. Grey is the new black for plant pots, as they are less likely to end up in landfill. Change will take time, but it will gradually transform the sale of garden plants.

Grow-your-own will continue its upward trajectory of popularity. From seeds to starter plants to fruit bushes and trees, home-grown flavour is unbeatable. Yields were fantastic this year on most crops due to the hot summer. Herbs are amongst the easiest and most productive plants with the added feel-good factor of their medicinal properties.

Houseplants are seeing a resurgence. There are plants for (nearly) all positions and many will help to reduce pollutants in the air. The best-known for this are ficus robusta (rubber plant), spatiphyllum (peace lily), nephrolepsis (Boston fern) and chlorophytum (spider plant).

Colour trends – no need to worry! From the mass planting of one colour of one variety to a total mix of heights and colours, they will all have their unique impact if well fed and cared-for.

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