July Garden Notes

With so much healthy growth on plants and shrubs since the spring, some areas of the garden may need attention.

Trim conifer hedges. Regular cutting will help to thicken up leafy growth over the entire surface of the hedge. If left to expand too far, cutting back will show bare patches which are unlikely to recover. Water and feed well to ensure they are not “distressed” during a hot and dry summer. This is especially important if the conifers are young and planted within the last year.

Remove unwanted growth from the base of trees and shrubs to avoid suckers sapping energy from the main structure. Also, keep weeds and vegetation away to stop them eating up vital nutrients.

Keep box plants well fed, preferably with a liquid feed at this time of year. They are currently prone to disease and are less likely to succumb with healthy foliage.

If weeds are a problem on your lawn, liquid lawn weedkillers are preferable in dry conditions as granular feeds can scorch grass if they are not well watered in.

If you are looking to plant late summer colour, Japanese anemones are an excellent addition to any garden. Ranging from white Honorine Jobert to pale pink September Charm and deep pink Pamina, their ground cover foliage is topped with tall flowers on slender stems. They are ideal for filling in mixed borders and will thrive in most soil conditions in sun or light shade. Excellent alternatives are large daisy-like echinacea and cheerful yellow rudbeckia such as Fulgida Deamii and Goldsturm. For warmer fiery autumn shades, Helenium come in a range of outstanding varieties such as Moerheim Beauty and Hoopesii.

David Hogg

Buckland Nurseries

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