June Garden Notes

To enjoy your garden at its best, use the long spring and summer evenings to spend just a few minutes each day keeping your flowers and plants in trim.

Pests and diseases can be prevalent now. Keep a look out for blackspot, mildew and black and greenfly on roses. Roseclear is a cure-all which will act as a preventive spray or will swiftly rectify existing problems. Hungry rabbits can be deterred by Grazers which, when sprayed on plants, harmlessly makes them unpalatable to animals. Metaldehyde poison slug pellets have now been banned, so keep the snails and slugs at bay with ferrous sulphate pellets. Alternatively “slug pubs” will attract the pests with a sweet liquid trap.

Prepare for the drier summer months. Mulch with bark to keep moisture in – and to discourage weeds. Make sure water butts are clean and free of debris. Use water-retaining crystals in compost for hanging baskets and bedding plant containers. Whenever possible, water during the evening to prevent leaf scorch and maximise absorption.

Perennials may need supporting as they grow and produce heavy flowers. There are a range of supports available to buy, but a few well-placed twigs and branches with some strong twine will often provided a more natural look.

Liquid feed every couple of weeks to keep bedding plants budding up. Coupled with dead-heading, this will ensure a good show into early autumn. A modest haircut for tired hanging baskets will also help to promote a second flush of colour.

Plant out tender crops such as tomatoes, courgettes and sweetcorn as soon as possible. Even basil will thrive outside now, and other herbs will be growing prolifically. Be ready for a healthy harvest from next month !

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