September Garden Notes

As we draw closer to autumn, the advantage of cooler and wetter weather to gardeners is to make this a perfect time to plant. Even those with heavier soils will relish the prospect of being able to weed, dig and plant more easily with more friable soil.

  • Shrubs, perennials and trees will establish well while the ground is still warm. Most will benefit hugely by being planted now rather than in the spring. There is time for them to settle in before the winter and they will take advantage of any warm weather early in the New Year – such as the very warm temperatures we experienced in February this year. Lavender is best planted in the spring, as are more tender perennials such as verbena.
  • Fruit trees and bushes need a mulchy compost, and ideally some bone meal, when planted. Check root-stocks to make sure you have the correct size for your space. You may also need a pollinator if there are no other fruits in the vicinity.
  • Bulbs can be chosen now and planted until November and beyond. With so much choice, there is a colour and size for everyone and always new varieties to try.
  • Lawns have fared better this summer as we have generally had more rain than last year. Any patches can be filled now with grass seed and lawn dressing. A liquid weedkiller is best in September to deal with any residual daisies and dandelions. Wait until the grass stops growing before applying a granular autumn feed, which will slowly release nutrients over the winter. Most also contain a mosskiller which is an excellent and timely means of control.

David Hogg

Buckland Nurseries

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